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Carpet Cleaning Speicals Gwinnett

We often hear “what are your specials?” or “Do you have any carpet cleaning specials going on right now?” And the answer is YES!

Everything we do is special.

First and foremost we DO NOT have any up-sells, “per spot charges” or hidden fees. This is “special” because most carpet cleaners live on up sells as well as having per spot fees or trip/fuel charges etc. Most home owners are concerned about pricing and budgeting. So are we, so we have an EXACT PRICING GUARANTEE. This means that you will be charged exactly what you are quoted or your carpet cleaning is FREE.

Second, we use a soap free cleaning solution so there’s no sticky residue when the carpet dries. Most professional carpet cleaners, as well as home shampooers and carpet spot cleaners are soapy/foamy. When soapy products are used on carpet it leaves a sticky residue that attracts dirt and those areas become dark and discolored.

Third, cleaning in INCLUDED! Sounds a little strange, but a lot of carpet cleaners charge extra for spots and/or heavily soiled areas. Most people get their carpet cleaned because of visual soiling. OMG!’s philosophy is you scheduled a carpet cleaning, so cleaning should be included. You shouldn’t be charged more just because there are spots. If’ “cleaning” the carpet is extra, do they only clean “clean” carpet? We believe cleaning should be included. Makes sense to us.

Finally our cleaning process is very low moisture so the carpet usually dries in an hour or two.


(You MUST ask/mention these ONLINE SPECIALS to get the special.)

Minimum Charge $125.00 (up to 2 areas)
3 areas $150.00 
4 areas $200.00 
5 areas $200.00 (Save $50.00!)
6 areas $240.00 (Save $60.00!)
7 areas $280.00 (Save $70.00!)
8 areas $320.00 (Save $80.00!)
9 areas $360.00 (Save $90.00!)
10 areas $400.00 (Save $100.00!)
{Additional areas are $40 an area.}

PET ODOR Treatment = $25 FOR EVERYTHING, not per room/area like most carpet cleaners.

Now if you’re wondering “what’s an area?” Rooms are an area, flights of stairs are an area, halls/hallways are an area. Closets in rooms already being cleaned are usually included. If you can park a car in the closet, then it will count as an area.


We know this seems pretty simplistic and straightforward, but when there are no up-sells, or “per spot” fees, or trip/fuel charges, you know EXACTLY how much you cleaning will cost. Notice there are no asterisks on our pricing nor FINE print.

ALWAYS be aware of the FINE PRINT

If you’re looking for carpet cleaning specials in Gwinnett, be cautious! While everyone likes “a good deal,” you always need to ask the right questions.

You probably think the most important questions is “How Much?” but that is NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION.

    1. The most important question is: Is the cleaner you use soapy or foamy?
      The reason this is the most important question is soapy cleaners/detergents leave a sticky residue on carpet that cause discoloration, re-soiling and dingy areas. Most of the spots we run into are from soapy products that were used on the carpet.
    2. Is this the final price?
      Most carpet cleaners give “good” quotes to get in the door for high pressure sales or up sells. They also charge more for spots, have fuel charges etc. A lot of the time you can find it in the FINE print in the ad.

OMG! Carpet Cleaning does not charge extra for spots or heavily soiled areas. We believe cleaning should be INCLUDED in your cleaning. Chances are you scheduled a carpet cleaning because you have spots and/or areas you’re concerned about. Carpet cleaning specials Gwinnett can be easy to find, but difficult to take advantage of.

Watch this 1 min video to see what can happen when you’re looking for carpet cleaning specials Gwinnett.

When  you use OMG! Carpet Cleaning there are no trip charges, no per spot charges, no fuel charges, no hidden fees of any kind. As long as you pay by cash or check then the price we quote per area is what you are charged.

We are budget minded just like you are and we like to know what something will cost us as well. How about a FREE CARPET CLEANING?! That’s right, free carpet cleaning. A lot of decisions are made based on budget and what you expect to pay.


If you’re asked to pay more than what you’re quoted, your carpet cleaning is FREE! Restrictions apply so please visit our free carpet cleaning page to learn more. You can’t go wrong with OMG! You either pay exactly what we quote or you pay nothing. Ask the “other guys” if they will do that.

OMG! Carpet Cleaning also offers FOREVER PRICING!

Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Sectional $350.00
Sofa/Couch $225.00
Loveseat $150.00
Chair (Oversized) $75.00
Chair (Recliner) $45.00
Ottoman $30.00
Kitchen Chairs/Stools $15.00





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