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We’ve often wondered the same thing ourselves. Why ARE spots extra? Usually when you call to get your carpets cleaned it’s because you have spots! That’s usually what triggers an internet search for carpet cleaners. There is a spot, or several you’re tired of looking at.

So you’ve found SEVERAL carpet cleaners online and start “calling around” for pricing. But are you asking the right questions? The first thing you should know is most carpet cleaners charge extra for spots. They also charge extra for fuel, or have a trip charge.

One way to determine where you ACTUALLY are cost wise it to ask if you can prepay once they’ve given you the quote and just wait. You can also ASK if there are any other charges or fees you need to know about and HOPE they’re honest. HOPE!

We wonder if spots are EXTRA, what does the quote actually include? Shouldn’t CLEANING be INCLUDED when you schedule a carpet cleaning?

The other important question that SHOULD be asked, but rarely is, would be “Is your cleaner soapy or foamy?” When soapy products are used on carpet a sticky residue is left on the carpet causing it to re-soil quickly, become dark and discolored. If you have or have ever seen dark spots on carpet it’s USUALLY from a carpet spot cleaner, home shampooer or other professional carpet cleaner.

Most people associate soap with clean and they associate more soap with cleaner. But with carpet, soap equals sticky and sticky means dark discolored areas. If you think soap and shampoo is good for the carpet, shampoo your hair and DO NOT rinse…see the problem?

And if you’re a pet owner and have four legged-family members then you probably very familiar with carpet “accidents.” You probably have a collection of different carpet spot cleaners. Most of which haven’t worked very well and more than likely have caused dark spots on your carpet.

Want to know how to determine if a spot cleaner is likely to cause problems? It’s easy! BEFORE you buy it, shake it up. If you see it, hear it or feel it suds or foam up, it’s soapy and is going to leave a sticky residue if you don’t get all the soap out.

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