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The first question most people ask is “How much?” When they should be asking “What are you using?” Most carpet cleaners use soapy or foamy detergents that leave a sticky residue that cause dark, discolored areas on your carpet. If a carpet cleaning company uses soaps or foamy detergents when you ask, you should just hang up the phone. Most importantly we use a non soapy, non foamy cleaner so there is no sticky residue and our process is very low moisture so your carpets are usually dry in an hour or two.

Our honest, reasonable pricing policy is straight forward. We charge by the area. An area is a room, hallway or a flight of stairs. With the exception of closets and half baths, if there is a light switch for the area, it is considered an area. As far as basements go, the number of rooms/areas on the main floor above the basement area(s) is used to determine the number of areas in the basement. We more than happy to provide custom pricing upon request.

Our pricing policy is so solid that if you’re asked to pay a penny more than you emailed EXACT PRICE, your carpet cleaning is on FREE! So if you’re budget minded like we are, you can’t loose.

We are also proud to offer FOREVER PRICING which means your carpet cleaning cost will not change.

There are no “per spot” fees. There are no trip or fuel charges. There are no extra charges for heavily soiled areas. At OMG! Carpet Cleaning we believe CLEANING should be INCLUDED in a carpet cleaning. You shouldn’t be charged extra if you have spots on your carpet. After all, isn’t that why you called? Spots.

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Commercial pricing starts at .25 a square foot or LESS depending on how many square feet there are and how often it is cleaned. Call us today to schedule an appointment for OMG! Carpet Cleaning to evaluate your commercial job and get an EXACT PRICING quote.


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