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When looking for carpet cleaning prices in Atlanta don’t settle for an estimate or a quote. Ask for an “EPQ!”

EPQ (Pronounced EPIC) stands for Exact Pricing Quote.

Our EPQ Pricing structure is almost unheard of in the carpet cleaning industry for several reasons.

1 – There are NO PER SPOT Fees!
2 – There are NO UP SELLS!
3 – There are NO TRIP/FUEL Charges!
4 – There are no EXTRA CHARGES for heavily soiled areas.

We provide our clients with an EPQ, honest, upfront and affordable flat-rate pricing. Our prices are all-inclusive and make it easy to know exactly what your carpet cleaning costs will be. Our carpet cleaning prices don change from the time you book your services to the time we arrive and include all spot removal, pre-treatments, deep cleaning AND FREE odor neutralizer. No pricing gimmicks or bait & switch tactics. With OMG! Carpet Cleaning, pricing and quotes are accurate, simple and honest.

We are ALL, or at least MOST OF US, are on a budget and would rather not have to pay more for something than we have to. We also like to get a “good price,” or at least feel like it was a good deal. The problems arise when you don’t ask the right questions. Even though wanting to know “How Much?” is probably more important to you than HOW?, it shouldn’t be.

Most of the low-ball, “discount” carpet cleaners are using soap and water and are more likely to cause more problems with the carpet than solutions. And that’s only IF, and that is a BIG IF, they actually charge what they estimate. You don’t want soapy detergents used on your carpet because that’s going to leave a residue that causes dark, discolored spots.

You probably don’t want high pressure sales, nor up-sells, or things you don’t want or need. We should expect to pay what we are quoted. That’s why we took the time to call in the first place. And if we didn’t care about cost we wouldn’t ask. But if you’re going to ask, ALWAYS follow up when you’re given a quote with, “Can I make the check out before you get here?” and wait. Or “Can I prepay?” Carpet cleaners won’t let you prepay so there is room for extras or add-on. Add-ons that will cost you.

What is included in their “estimate” then? Shouldn’t a company honor their price?

Do not, I repeat DO NOT expect MOST carpet cleaners to honor their “coupons.” Unfortunately, more often than not in the carpet cleaning industry, the coupon is to get you to call, so they can get in the door and really “make their money” with per spot charges, up sells and add-ons.

With OMG! Carpet Cleaning’s EPQ, if you’re charged more than your quote, the carpet cleaning is FREE! It is a WIN-WIN for you the customer. You either pay EXACTLY what you’ve been quoted, or you pay nothing.

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