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We ran across CitrusFresh Carpet Cleaning‘s website while doing some research. We thought that there would be a lot of similarities between CitrusFresh Carpet Cleaning and OMG! Carpet Cleaning, but we noticed several differences right away. Some obvious and some not so obvious.

Carpet cleaning pricing is usually the first question people ask about. And while their site states, “We provide our clients with honest, upfront and affordable flat-rate pricing. Our prices are all-inclusive and make it easy to know exactly what your carpet cleaning costs will be. Our prices never change from the time you book your services to the time we arrive and include all spot removal & pre-treatments, deep cleaning, basic odor neutralizer. No pricing gimmicks or bait & switch tactics. With Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, pricing and quotes are simple and honest…” BUT their pricing page goes on to “*note” that there is a $5.95 “Service Fee” as well as “Sanitizer $20 EXTRA PER area.” I guess that’s “all inclusive?”

Their site also goes on to state there are “optional add-ons.” Not sure how that’s “all inclusive” but I guess it makes sense to them.

OMG! carpet cleaning pricing is simple, honest and up front. We also offer and EXACT pricing guarantee as well as FOREVER PRICING.

CitrusFresh Carpet Cleaning also provides a complimentary bottle of spot cleaner. THIS was one of the first BIG differences we noticed. We had a sample of their spot cleaner and noticed two things. ONE) It is SOAPY. Soap, shampoo and foamy cleaners/detergents are NOT good for carpet. Soapy cleaners almost ALWAYS cause your carpet to get dark and discolor.
Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Atlanta has a video on THEIR website explaining this. And TWO) It smells like bathroom cleaner.

OMG! Carpet Cleaning tries to re-educate every customer and every caller about using products, ie. carpet spot cleaners, that are soapy/foamy. We do not bad mouth any of them. There’s a simple test to determine if the cleaner is soapy or not. We call it the “Shake Test.” Shake up the bottle, preferably BEFORE you purchase it, if you HEAR IT, FEEL IT or SEE IT (Seeing is usually pretty tough because their bottles aren’t usually transparent) foam or suds up, IT’S SOAPY. Most people associate soap with clean and more soap with cleaner. The problem with soap and carpet is that the residue from the soap caused dark, discolored areas that capture the dirt.

So again, avoid using soapy products on your carpet. The cleaner itself could be causing your spots!

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