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**Word of Caution about hiring Steven Weaver**

We hired Steven Weaver, Roofing by Weaver at the time, he seems to go by Construction by Weaver now, in April of 2020 to fix a leaking roof on our house in Eatonton Georgia on Lake Sinclair. Our screened in porch roof was leaking into the house and into the screened in porch, so it was a serious problem.

Steven explained how he was going to fix it using “TPO,” which made sense. He required pre-payment, although he wrote me a receipt, RED FLAG number 1! He seemed like a stand up guy so we proceeded.

After the first rain the leak was still leaking. Spoke to Steven and he said he’d come back out and look at it. He said he needed to do something else to fix it, so he did.

EVERY time after it would rain the roof would continue to leak. Every time I contacted Steven Weaver he’d explain what the problem was and say he’d get it fixed.

Well after the third or fourth time of it NOT getting fixed I SHOULD have asked for a refund, but I didn’t. Steven would reassure he could fix it.

In the mean, time I saw where someone on facebook in the Lake Sinclair “Post All” group was asking about Steven Weaver specifically. I commented “I hired Steven about a year ago to fix a leak in my roof and it is STILL leaking.” Which is 100% accurate. I honestly thought it would prompt him to actually FIX my leak since all the conversations back and forth didn’t.

Steven Weaver says he came out over TEN times to “right my wrongs” without success. So after 13 MONTHS (May 2021) of still having a leaking roof I asked for a refund. He was not happy with what I think is a fair request. I pre-paid for a job that he did not complete.

I would have preferred that Steven Weaver handled this professionally, but unfortunately that is not what happened. After realizing he was NOT going to make this right, I tried to pursue him legally, but realized he does not have a business license with the county or the state.

With no other options for recouping my money, realized all I could do was share my experience with Steven Weaver whom I thought was a ‘good guy” and potentially help prevent him from treating someone else like this.

One of the things that should have happened was when Steven Weaver came out the second or third time and realized he could NOT fix my roof, he should have had the professional courtesy to admit he did not have a solution to my problem and offered to refund my pre-payment.

This picture was taken May 10, 2021

Our conversation is below.





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