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Yes, your carpet gets dirty faster after it’s been cleaned.  But why?  And does that mean you should wait as long as possible before cleaning it?

It’s funny, if you research this topic on Google, you’ll find page after page of articles claiming it’s a myth carpet gets dirty faster once it’s been cleaned.  The only problem is, all those articles were probably written by carpet cleaners.

You see, they don’t want to admit that carpet does, indeed, get dirty faster once it’s been cleaned.  They’ve come up with a million reasons why this can’t be true… but they’re wrong.

So here’s what happens…  When you have your carpet cleaned, MOST carpet cleaners use a soapy or foamy detergent/cleaner. Using these types of carpet cleaners leave a soapy, sticky residue that cause dirt, debris and everything else to stick to the carpet. You can vacuum it all day long but it won’t help. That stickiness has basically caused a “fly paper” area in your carpet that is just collecting more and more dust, dirt and debris.

Think of it like this, would you ever shampoo your hair and NOT rinse it out? Using soapy products, carpet spot cleaners or professional cleaners that USE soapy/foamy products are doing exactly that. It can take up to sixteen passes of rinsing to get all the soap out of the carpet. Have you ever seen a carpet cleaner make sixteen passes with the carpet wand? VERY unlikely.

As a result, your carpet will be more prone to dirt and stains. 

Not necessarily.  The biggest enemy to carpet is dry soil, which eats away at your carpet like sandpaper.  Unfortunately, regular ol’ vacuum cleaners can’t remove all the dry soil in your carpet because much of it becomes sticky with body oils, food residue and all sorts of other yucky stuff.

Occasional “wet” cleaning (whether it’s steam cleaning or some kind of dry cleaning process–both use water) is necessary to remove sticky dry soil.  When you avoid cleaning, you allow dry soil to build up and wreak havoc.

Of course, there are other factors that can cause rapid resoiling after cleaning, but they are based on lousy techniques perpetrated by the person who did the cleaning.  For example, they use soap or detergent in your carpet.  They could leave too much dirt in your carpet.  They could chemically burn your carpet with very high or very how pH cleaning agents.  But you shouldn’t have to worry about these things if you hire a honest, reputable company.

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