The NO UP-SELLS, Exact Pricing, Carpet Cleaner!

You take your clothes to the dry cleaner for professional results.  And to prevent damage to your fine clothes that all the soap and water can cause. That’s why YOU call us for a job well done.

Step 1

We walk through your home and have you show us all the areas to that you want cleaned, pointing out any spots/areas you are concerned about.

Step 2

We get some a bottle of our non-soapy, citrus cleaning solution and spot clean a couple of the areas you pointed out. We will know within about two minutes if your spots/stains are coming out, or how well they are going to react to the cleaner. Carpet is very porous and when the bond with the carpet can’t be broken, it’s what we call a stain. Spots usually come out, stains do not. If you decide at this point you do not want to clean your carpet, then we will make any recommendations, if necessary, and be on our way at no charge to you. If you are satisficed with the how well your carpets are going to clean up, we start the cleaning process.

Step 3

We pre-spray the entire carpet, being sure to put more cleaner on heavily soiled areas and spots.

Step 4

We use a heavy duty floor machine that scrubs the floor, agitates the carpet and activates the cleaner.

Step 5

We finish up with a dry vacuum. This exclusive method leaves your carpet cleaned with environmentally friendly products, smelling citrus fresh, and completely dry in only 1-2 hours. Pretty difficult for other carpet cleaners to compete with that.

Step 6

We walk back through the areas we’ve cleaned and point out any areas that may have been a problem and make any necessary recommendations.


In addition to great customer service, our citrus cleaning solution is extremely effective. Pet stains, spots, heavy soiling—none of those stand a chance, AND it’s included in our pricing.

Our exclusive, low-moisture process doesn’t leave your carpets full of water, and our soap free, citrus product means we clean your carpet without leaving a soapy, sticky residue in your carpet. We take pride in helping home owners change the way they think about carpet cleaning, and feel privileged to be the local leader in removing pollutants from your home.

As our customers know, we NEVER sneak in hidden fees, charge extra for spots, or use fine print to up sell. We respect our customers, and want you to feel 100% confident in referring us! OMG! Carpet Cleaning of offers you a better, cleaner, and faster way to clean your carpet.

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