Operation Combat BikeSaver

I was on facebook today and saw on ad for a new show called “Returning the Favor” hosted by Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs that looks to be a GREATNshow. People doing good. Plus the first episode is about helping Veterans and as you may have noticed, we are big Veteran supporters. The first episode of Returning the Favor showcases a non-profit that helps and supports veterans called Operation Combat Bikesaver. Their mission is providing a workshop for Veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD and/or TBI and/or depression. This workshop includes trained individuals skilled in various areas of Motorcycle fabrication, restoration, and customization to help teach candidates that there is more to life than negativity. Once the project is completed by the candidate, it is theirs to keep or donate to another candidate of their choosing.

You can watch the first episode of “Returning the Favor” by clicking HERE.



And the video below is another piece done on Operation Combat Bikesaver.

While we at OMG Floor Care do what we can to support, help and promote for Veterans, we also like to share what others are doing for these WELL DESERVED Soldiers.

Thank you for your sacrifice! We do appreciate it!

You can visit our Veterans page by clicking HERE on the image below.
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