Carpet Cleaning Business

Floor Care Equipment

At OMG! we believe we have created the easiest, most effective carpet cleaning process available. There are A LOT of carpet cleaning businesses and methods and it can be confusing and difficult decision. There are several methods of cleaning carpet from the most familiar, truck mount extraction, to bonnet, to encapsulation. But we believe our combination of brush and bonnet process, with a soap free cleaning solution is the most effective, versatile, easy and most profitable method available.

We created a process that our clients perceive to be a phenomenal improvement over the “steam cleaners” that makes up more than 90% of the marketplace. We threw out the typical bait and switch, with up-sells, add on and hidden pricing policies that most carpet cleaners use, and everyone hates.  We developed a customer friendly approach to the marketing and performance of our service. Most importantly, we did it in a way that provides not only income, but also a quality of life.

We offer an opportunity for individuals to clean carpet, rugs, and furniture. We provide this business opportunity for an initial charge of $12,500 for United States Veterans and $15,000 for everyone else. This includes the following equipment and cleaning products you need to establish a business:



___One 17″ Floor Machine  





___One 12″ Floor Machine w/Driver and Two pads/bonnets





___Two 15″ “Dirt Napper” Systems









 ___One Professional Carpet Vacuum  








___Two Reusable Shake Out Bags






___One Mini-Spotter Extraction Machine





___One Electric Pressure Washer  




___One Four Gallon Backpack Sprayer                               

___One Box of Styrofoam Blocks                                           

___One Block of Plastic Tabs                                                          

___White Terry Cloth Towels

___Microfiber Towels                                                          

___Carpet Scraper

___Napping Shears

___72″ Aluminum Handle with 18″ Microfiber Channel

___18″ Blue Cut Pile Microfiber Pads

___16″ Pad Driver

___17″ Red Cleaning Pads

___17″ White Polishing Pads

___60″ Threaded Wooden handle with Metal Tip

___Swivel Scrub Brush

___Canister Vacuum



___Five & a Half Pounds OMG! CARPET CLEANING Powder
(makes approx. 100 gallons of ready to use cleaner)

___One Gallon of Odorcide

___One 8lb. Container of Crystal Defoamer                   

___One Bottle of Rust Remover                                                                       

___One Bottle of Ink Remover                                                                                  

___One Bottle of paint, oil Removing Product                                 


___One Gallon Intensive Floor Treatment (IFT)

___One Gallon Daily Clean Natural Cleaner

___Six quarts of Hardwood Floor Refinisher/Gloss

___350+/- Page OMG! Carpet Cleaning Instruction/Training/Marketing Manual

___On-Going Phone, email and video support                                                                                               


We have a unique brand designed to promote all aspects of our unique business model. We focus on building a client base that will be, not only be productive, but also easier and more fun to work with. These target marketing efforts are a more efficient way to develop new clients, and can limit travel time and expenses while increasing profit by working close to home.

The OMG! Floor Care business is the epitome of the “work smarter, not harder” mentality. We let the product do the hard work for us. You will be pleased with the simplicity and reliability of our process. Your clients will be pleased with the results.

“Our business is 25% aptitude and 75% ATTITUDE.”

Learning the process itself is the shockingly easy. That’s the 25% aptitude. The attitude is the key to developing the ideal clientele. That’s the 75%, and can actually be a lot of fun. Fun? Yes, fun.

Our carpet cleaning process will equip you with the best process for cleaning carpet and furniture, as well as a business format to complement our unique style of cleaning and management. We are as different as apples and oranges, and the oranges have the edge.

In an industry stagnating from the “same ol’, same ol’’’, you can stand apart from the crowd. This is an excellent franchise opportunity that you can build to your own specifications. You can focus on residential work and the great hours that go with that, or couple residential work with commercial clients.  You can adapt our process and procedures to address the important “quality of life” issues that so many people are concerned with, in sharp contrast with today’s fast paced business environments.

To build a successful business you need to learn what you already know, and know what you need to learn. The OMG! Carpet Cleaning business model is based on an appeal to the best of human nature instead of a cynical preparation for the worst. People tend to respond well to our practices and procedures, and by people I mean women. Women schedule and oversee about 95% of residential carpet cleaning appointments. We focus on creating a woman friendly consumer environment.

OMG! Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity

 OMG! is not a franchise. No heavy up-front capital costs; no fees; no percentage of every job being sent to the franchisor, etc. You are under no obligation to buy our cleaning product, although we strongly recommend you do, as the “secret is in the sauce.” You can use your own business name: Fred’s Carpet Cleaning; Get R Done Carpet Cleaning; Orange Carpet Care; or whatever you come up with. You may already own and operate a business in the same or a related field, and simply wish to add the type of carpet cleaning we perform to what you already offer.

Our training program teaches you to EMPOWER THE CUSTOMER! Customers are not accustomed to being given decision-making power from a service provider. They will love it that you asked, and in all likelihood you will become the person they turn to the next time their carpets need cleaning.

If you do wish to operate under the OMG! Carpet Cleaning name (ie. OMG! Carpet Cleaning Orlando) there will be a $500 per year licensing fee for you to do so – FIRST YEAR FREE. In return, your business’ name and contact information will be displayed on the “Locations” page of the OMG! Carpet Cleaning website. It is my intention to build OMG! Carpet Cleaning into a well know, nationally recognized, highly respected, brand, and you will be getting in on the ground floor. You will be able to use the OMG! logo and name in all of your marketing materials, including vehicle signage. OMG! is in the early stages of a multi-pronged social media marketing effort, aimed at getting our name out and up there among the leaders of our industry. This will be to our benefit as well as to yours. Once agreed, you will then sign a simple agreement in line with these terms.