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Carpet Cleaning Auburn GA

OMG! Carpet Cleaning Auburn GA knows if you’ve ever had your carpet cleaned by a steam cleaning service or shampooer, you’re probably aware of the weaknesses and inherent limitations of such treatments. Traditional Auburn GA carpet cleaners often leave behind significant moisture that can really damage your carpets. And most carpet cleaners in Auburn use soapy detergents that leave a sticky residue. Both problems can lead to carpets that are smelly, moldy and filled with dust and allergens just a short time after the cleaners leave.

Fortunately for homeowners near Auburn, traditional carpet cleaning services aren’t the only option. OMG!– a citrus-based carpet cleaning solution and process – is changing the way people think about cleaning service for their carpets.

Why Choose OMG! Carpet Cleaning Auburn GA?

Better cleaning

Our proven cleaning solution cuts right through even the nastiest of stains and grime that have accumulated in your carpet. The solvent that we use is citrus-based, allowing us to take advantage of a naturally powerful cleaning solution to produce better results than can be achieved with shampoos, steam and chemical solvents.

The Amazing Power of Citrus!

Citrus has long been revered for its cleansing and dirt-cutting capabilities. It’s used in dish soaps, grease cleaners and countless other cleaning solutions. Our Auburn carpet cleaning professionals take advantage of the power of citrus.

OMG! uses a drier application when compared to other carpet cleaning solutions. You don’t have to worry about damp, mold-susceptible carpets when you choose a professional that uses only citrus carpet cleaner. OMG! cuts through soil and grease stains more effectively than the soapy solutions other carpet cleaners in Auburn use. OMG! keeps your carpets cleaner longer. Limited moisture means that deep stains aren’t drawn back up into the fabric of carpet surface. OMG! smells great. Your house smells like fresh orange peels after the cleaning professionals are done.

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We all love the feeling we get after our carpet has been cleaned. Knowing that you have clean, fresh carpets gives you a little extra pep in your step as you approach your front door in the days following the initial cleaning. Much to your dismay, you usually find that a few days is really the only time frame you have to enjoy your clean carpets.

With traditional carpet cleaners, old stains and smells can reemerge in no time. And your initial satisfaction is usually offset by the fact that you ultimately paid a higher price than was quoted. With OMG! carpet cleaning in Auburn, you get a guaranteed quote for a solution that cleans your carpet better and keeps it cleaner for longer.

No hidden fees. No up sells or baiting and switching. Just clean carpets.

Carpet Cleaning in Auburn Has Never Been This Easy

Your carpets and your home deserve a cleaning service that can get the job done. Unfortunately, outdated steam-cleaning methods as well as chemicals and shampoos ultimately do more harm than good as far as your floors are concerned. Contact the professionals at OMG! in Auburn to get an EXACT PRICING QUOTE for your cleaning.

Less moisture

OMG!’s application involve far less moisture than other carpet cleaning services. Our Auburn carpet cleaners help you avoid mold and mildew buildup in the carpet by ensuring that it’s as dry as possible before finishing the project.


Our Auburn carpet cleaning service actually lasts! First, less moisture equates to less opportunity for old stains to reemerge. Traditional carpet cleaning services can leave the carpet wet, which tends to wick deep-set carpet stains to the surface even after a thorough cleaning. Secondly, our cleaning product is not soapy or foamy so there’s no sticky residue.

Integrity and service

Our Auburn carpet cleaners provide top-notch service. We make carpet cleaning about YOU and YOUR home. We also won’t ever pressure you into cleaning other rooms – and we certainly won’t add surcharges for cleaning stains. Isn’t that a refreshing change?

Don’t Settle for Other Carpet Cleaners Auburn GA

If you want to drastically reduce the life-span of your carpet, all you need to do is have it routinely cleaned by the old-school guys: steam cleaners, chemical cleaners or shampooers. The truth is that these solutions aren’t very good for the carpet. Their wet applications also promote the growth of mold, mildew and other allergens that create an unhealthy environment in the home.

Why choose another carpet cleaning service – who’s likely to charge more and deliver less – when you can take advantage of Auburn carpet cleaning service from OMG! Carpet Cleaning? We’ll get your carpets cleaner, they’ll stay cleaner longer and they’ll smell great!

Contact us today to get your EXACT PRICING QUOTE on your next carpet cleaning project.



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